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Get ready to set those tee times!

1). Tee times will be open for booking at 7am CST.  Each courses tee sheet opens 6 days prior to the event date.
      Please make sure you know your time zone!

2).Tee times will be first submitted, first accommodated.
     If your tee time request is already filled, I will place your submission in the closest available to original request.

3). Please try to have ALL players names ready to go in your booking submission if you are not playing as a single.

      Go ahead and talk with your groups to be ready for upcoming dates! 

4). If you are playing as a single, please specify in email submission. We encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the            sport and new company! 

5). You MAY not get a tee time at every course you submit for. I know this is what no one wants, but sometimes it does              happen. Please be understanding with how scheduling will be done and be diligent with the time submissions on the          courses you are most interested in.

6). Try a new course! We have a wide variety of courses this year and we will always encourage trying places that you                  haven't played at before or maybe its been a while and you would like to re visit. 



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